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A huge collection of all types of recipes in a user friendly format. This page explains how the site works and answers questions.

How to Use this Web Site

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How to use this site:

First we'd like to thank you for visiting our site.

Unlike most recipe sites, ours is made up of pages each containing 20 to 50 recipes. There are a couple of ways to find a recipe on our site. If you are just looking for "something for dinner (or breakfast or lunch or a party)," go to the table of contents and find a category of recipes that sounds interesting to you. How about some chicken dishes for dinner? There are a couple of chicken pages. Click on one. Be patient - it will take a minute or more to load completely. The hyperlinks won't work properly until it's fully loaded. You can scroll down the page as it loads to read the recipes as they come in. At the top of each page is a title bar listing the name of the page [Chicken Recipes #1 | (224 kb)] and the size of the file - in this case 224 kb. The larger the file - the longer the loading time - but, the more recipes you will have when it's finally on your computer. Once the page is on your computer, you can read through the recipe list at the top of the page, click on any recipe that looks interesting to you, and you will be taken to that recipe. Click "Back to Top" to get back to the list of recipes.

Because Spike's & Jamie's Recipe Collection is made up of many smaller web sites (one for each Holiday, plus others for specialty items), we have created a master Index Web Site.  There you will find an Index of the recipes for each Holiday site and a master Index containing ALL the catagorized recipes.

Indices of Spike's & Jamie's Recipe Collection

Master Index of All the Recipes


We do have about 80 pages of un-indexed and un-categorized recipes. If you are just looking for interesting recipes, feel free to "cruise" through these pages. Eventually, they will be broken down into categories and placed on a hyperlinked page.

Here's a trick that Spike just taught me: If you are looking for a specific thing - say recipes that use yogurt - go to a page of recipes, let the page fully load, then click Ctrl-F or Edit/Find. A dialog box will open and you can type in your request - in this case "yogurt." Then click on "Find Next." You will either be taken to the "next" instance of this word on the page, or a message will pop up that says that it has "finished searching the document" (meaning the word isn't on this page).

There are several other pages of information on this site:

Glossary of Cooking Terms

Mexican Food Glossary

Hints & Tips

We also have several Holiday pages and Web Sites. These pages list the recipe pages that are pertinent to that holiday as well as other interesting things and information about the holiday.




New Year's

Valentine's Day


Mardi Gras

St. Patrick's Day


Easter  (not finished yet)


Plus a "specialty" page containing recipes from Watkins

A Page listing all the smaller webs that make up our collection

The recipe site was uploaded to Angelcities on October 29, 2000.  Our URL:  This is a "free" site. They put pop-up ads on our pages.

We've made a lot of mistakes and made a lot of changes since then. Every day we add more recipes pages - or add new recipes to old pages. So, check back now and again to see what is new. If you have any suggestions for ways we can improve the site, please send them to:

In December 2000 we purchased a Domain Name, which meant we had to make a few changes in the way the site was set up. There are two "entrance" pages - one at the web server and one at the Angelcities site. You click "ENTER HERE" or the picture of a door on the entrance page to get to the actual recipe site. We had to do this so that people could find us using either "address."

In January 2001 we signed up for an auto-responder (it's free - they put an ad at the top of the pages that are mailed out). Anyone who signs up on the "Free Recipe Collection" page, will receive a collection of recipes every 10 days. For the most part, these will be recipes that are in the collection on our computers, but, haven't yet been uploaded to the web site. If you ever decide that you no longer want to receive these recipe mailings, there is a link at the bottom of
each issue. While you are online, click on the link and you will be automatically removed from the list. If you decide you miss the recipes - just return to the "Free Recipe Collection" page and add your name and email address to the list.

If you have trouble removing your name from the list, send a message to Be sure to give your name and the email address that is subscribed to the mailing.

This web site was developed as a way for us to manage our vast recipe collections (probably only a 10th of which is on the web site at this time 2/12/01). We tried to make it easy for US to find our own recipes, and we wanted to share our collection with all of YOU. It is our gift to the community of people with love in their hearts that is often expressed by their culinary skills.

We also welcome new recipes. If you have some you'd like to add to the site, please send them to:


Why are the recipe pages called "Disks."

Because when we first began collecting recipes, we saved them on 1.44mb disks.  The size of each file was determined by the amount of information that a disk would hold. When Jamie began putting together the recipe pages, she discovered that a 1.44mb file was too large for the 'net.  So, the original files had to be broken down into one or two parts.  We still use the designation "disk" to name our new recipe files.

Contact Information:

We have several ways for visitors to contact us and other visitors.

Guest Book:   Please sign in and tell us what you think about our site. Do you have a Web Site? Add the URL here so we can visit you.

Web Board:   If you are looking for a special recipe, this is the place to post it. Maybe another visitor will have it in their files.

Feedback Page:   Want to tell us something or ask a question? Here's the page for you.


Spike is the cooking genius. Jamie is the computer "nerd."

For cooking advice and questions write to:

For web site problems or questions write to:

Thanks for visiting our site. We hope you find some wonderful recipes here.



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